Russian Federation's national holiday, Russia Day, is coming up this month on the 12th
and to commemorate and celebrate the national festive and celebration,
Combat Arms Europe Command has decided to open up a 50% sale 
on all Russian arsenal only for 4 weeks!

Come, join us in celebrating the Russian national holiday 
through Russian ammunition all available at a critically discounted price!

Join the powerful arms Soldiers!

- Combat Arms Europe Command -

What : 'Russia Day' Sales

When : June 1st - 28th, 2011

Where: Black Market


Attention All Spartan Soldiers!

We've received and are still hearing many voices that 
the current Spartan Training is too short!

It seems that our 
Soldiers are rather enjoying 
the extensive training and the rewards that follow
to it!

Therefore, Combat Arms Europe Command has decided to 
issue a 'Final Build' on all Spartan Soldiers, 
a 5-week extended course of Spartan Training to finalize your shaping!

However this time, drills 2 & 3 are excluded from the 'Final Build' 
to help our Soldiers focus more on ranking up!

It's time to find your place in Combat Arms Europe Spartan Soldiers!

Mass level!

- Combat Arms Europe Command -

Level : The Final Build

Task  : Drill 1: Get Promoted
              * Get promoted and you'll receive the following bonuses for rewards!
                  - Double GP Bonus
                     (You’ll receive the doubled amount of GP Bonus assigned for that promoted rank)
                       - Rewarded Instantly
                  - Free 7-Day Weapon Bonus 
                     (You’ll receive a free 7-Day Weapon among the unlocked items to your promotion)
                       - Rewarded Instantly

Period: May 25th - June 28th, 2011 (5 Weeks)



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